Our Vision

“I am here today to present to you a vision from The Lord.”

— Pastor Claret Palmer

This vision is called Queen Esther Global Prayer where all men and women from all different walks of life come together to pray and get solutions to the world’s problems. Just as Queen Esther in the Bible prayed and fasted for the Jewish Nation, so also we have been called to pray and fast for all mankind globally as Esther did and stood in the gap for the needs of Israel to be met by The Lord.


Calling all men and women!

Queen Esther Global Prayer is calling all souls from different backgrounds and denominations to come together and pray. God said (God has spoken to me and said that) to heal a woman is to heal the entire family. Invariably the whole Nation is healed.



The aim of this organisation is to reach out to all living souls across the globe with the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The word of God is so potent. It’s a carrier of power. It will allow the solution come through to the hurting world and the people who live in it.

 Transforming reversed homes

Today there are thousands of homes in reverse order, which is causing a lot of problems to our world. Christ wants to bring healing to homes and empower the men in our world to take their rightful places. Most of our Men are not in good jobs to fend for their families, some are incarcerated; some have lost confidence, and therefore cannot operate in their first calling and position. which God gave Adam in the garden of Eden; that is, the garden of abundance.


Afflictions and burdens

Because of afflictions and burdens on the shoulders of many women in our society today, a lot of sicknesses, diseases, mental derangement have been the result and God wants to bring an end to all of these.



The denominational walls must come down and a lot of divorce cases in homes must be reconciled. Children caught up in the web of divorce must find solace in God. 
We are the Church Mothers and Fathers to usher our next generation to their God given goals in the kingdom of God.

This Vision was given in full within the seven weeks of prophetic utterances which took place on the 17th of February 2013 the month of love.