10. Africa, Jamaica and Trinidad

The Lord gave me a global picture of Africa and the Caribbean islands i.e.Jamaica.

God has spoken through so many prophets concerning this vision. This is why it’s been written down so that it can be fulfilled whether I am here or not. Unity and obedience must accompany this vision and excellence is our motto. We must do everything in decency and in order “1 Corinthian 14:40” everyone involved in this vision must be blessed says The Lord.

It is the Lord’s VISION and Jesus is Lord. We are His hands extended here on earth. Claret Palmer is just a vessel God is using to do this she’s the founder and planter of this VISION from GOD and with you all we will achieve great success and make our world a better place. The kingdom of this world will become the Kingdom of our God and His Christ.

This Vision was given in full within the seven weeks of prophetic utterances which took place on the 17th of February 2013 the month of love.